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Facility use is ONLY available for members who regularly attend, faithfully serve and financially support The Gathering Place at NSBC.

• All requests must be made 45 days in advance of your event

• All room requests will have a use fee and custodial fee

• All requests will be approved or denied based on fulfillment of the above requirements and there being NO CONFLICTS with the church/ministry calendar

If you and your event meet these requirements please click the link below


Looking to become a member? Click here for more info

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The Board of Trustees have called a Semi-Annual Business Meeting in compliance with the

NSBC Constitution and the laws of the State of New York.

Date: Wednesday, November 28 @ 6:30PM

A quorum of members qualified to vote is required to conduct the business of the North Syracuse Baptist Church.  Please plan to attend.

Chairman of the Trustee Board: Mark Bingham

Secretary of the Trustee Board: John Panayil