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Northern Pines, Cicero, NY

Purpose: To set aside an allotted time for the purpose of fellowship, to reach out to others, to have fun and to enjoy friendly competition.

League Dates: Mondays, Tee-Time is 4:30PM - 5:30PM beginning Monday, May 6. Practice night is April 29, at your own expense.

Contact your opponent to arrange a start time; remember all foursomes can not start at the same time; try to start as early as possible. It is preferred that you and your opponent and your teammate and his/her opponent play together as a foursome. NOTE: to avoid a backlog at 5:20PM - 5:30PM consider joining another twosome.

You are responsible for league and green fees for all season (16 matches) whether you play or your substitute plays for you, or you forfeit. Total league cost is $230, if paid in full through Eventbrite, this includes 16 matches @ $15 per week, league and green fees.

Matches must be played as scheduled or 1-week prior or 1-week after scheduled match; anything else will be forfeited. Forfeits will be counted as 11 points for the player present and 0 points for the player absent.

Handicaps will be determined after the first week with a max of 27. Sand traps will have free drops. Prayer holes are #5 and #13. Seniors (70 yrs and up) may play from the Gold Tees.

For more information please contact Ed Dyer or Tim Walker.